Platinet PMGQ10B – Bluetooth speaker with clock radio and wireless charger

Platinet introduces Bluetooth speaker with a clock radio, a thermometer, a hands-free kit and a wireless charger working in Quick Charge technology. Elegant appearance and functionality will make the device an irreplaceable element of home furnishings.

Platinet PMGQ10B is equipped with two stereo speakers with a total power of 10 watts, which were placed on both sides of the device. The connection with the device takes place wirelessly – using Bluetooth 3.0 technology, or wired – thanks to the AUX connector, which through a 3.5-mm mini jack cable allows you to connect any music device, eg MP4 player. Platinet PMGQ10B enables instant connection of devices thanks to NFC technology – Tap and Pair. The distance of the speaker from the connected device can be up to 8 meters.

Platinet PMGQ10B allows you to replace several devices on the bedside table. Thanks to the built-in wireless charger working in Quick Charge technology, just place the smartphone on the speaker to charge its battery and play your favorite music wirelessly. On the back of the speaker you can find two USB outputs, which enable wired charging of devices that do not support the wireless charging function.

On the front of the device is a large LED screen with 10-degree brightness adjustment. It allows you to display the current time, temperature, frequency of the radio station being played, as well as icons informing about the operating mode.

Platinet PMGQ10B can also work as a handsfree kit. Built-in sensitive microphone allows you to conveniently conduct phone calls straight from the bed.

The suggested retail price is XXXXX gross. Like all other Platinet products, the PMGQ10B speaker also has a 24-month warranty valid in the European Union.

About Platinet

Platinet is an international and dynamically developing company from the consumer electronics, data carriers, wireless technologies, mobile devices and computer accessories. The company was founded in 2001, and currently its offices are located in the most strategic places in the world: Shenzhen in China, New York in the United States and in the European headquarters in Krakow.

More information about the Platinet brand and its product offer can be found at:

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