Top 5 gadgets for the spring weekend from Platinet

Grill with friends, a trip to the mountains, or relax on the beach? Regardless of what you are planning, we have 5 practical devices for you that will make the weekend trip even more successful.

Car kettle – drink coffee, which will always be warm

You will start your weekend with a long journey? If yes, you will definitely need a good supply of coffee, which will give you energy and improve your mood in the morning. We have a way to accumulate a large stock that will keep its heat! Platinet PEKQ105 car kettle is equipped with a heater which is powered from the cigarette lighter socket. This solution allows you to heat up to 0.45 l of fluid up to a maximum temperature of 55 ℃.

The kettle costs 109.99 PLN and can be bought in the Platinet official online store without paying for delivery.

Backpack with direction indicators – on the bike like in a car

Will you spend the weekend on a bike? It’s worth taking care of your safety! Platinet PTO156LED is a fully functional 42-liter backpack with specially protected space for a laptop and 9 other functional partitions. And there would be nothing exciting about it, if it were not for the fact that a LED panel was placed on its front, which can display moving animations showing the direction of a cyclist’s ride. Forwards, right and left, as well as a warning sign informing about the danger on the road – such messages can be displayed on the backpack using the included wireless remote controller with a handlebar grip. The backpack has a built-in battery, but you can connect up to 3 additional power banks. This makes sense because the harness has USB connectors that allow you to load handheld devices such as a smartphone and a sports camera.

The backpack costs 299 PLN and can be bought in the Platinet official online store without paying for delivery.

Powerbanki with lithium-polymer battery- large capacity, less weight and dimensions

Until recently, most electronic devices were equipped with lithium-ion batteries. This is a proven solution, which has some limitations – the size of the cell is defined, so that the manufacturers designing the devices must adapt to them often giving up their futuristic vision devices.

The solution to this problem are lithium-polymer batteries. They allow manufacturers to produce them in almost any shape, even one millimeter thick. They are also characterized by a slightly higher density, so that they can reach higher capacities with the same size as lithium-ion batteries. Batteries of this type can be found in the latest ultrabooks, smartphones and power banks.

These lithium-polymer cells have been used in the Platinet PMPB10FGD and PMPB10FG power banks. The 10000 mAh battery is enclosed in a stylish, 138 x 76 x 17.5 mm material housing with a weight of 230 grams. This capacity will allow approximately 5 charges of the smartphone with a current of 2.1 A.

Powerbanks cost 139.90 PLN and can be bought in the Platinet official online store without paying for delivery.


Bluetooth speaker with LED lighting – make outdoor meetings even more enjoyable

You can not miss music on a barbecue! Platinet PMG5 is a small wireless speaker in a rugged housing made in IPX4 standard, thanks to which it is resistant to scratches and bruises caused by falls. The equipment has a powerful speaker with a real power of 5W (RMS), which, in combination with color LEDs pulsating to the rhythm of music, is able to spin every party. The 1200 mAh battery does quite well and allows for several hours of continuous music playback. The device also has an AUX connector, through which we connect, via a headphone jack, any device that plays music – eg an MP3 player.

The PMG5 speaker costs 99.90 PLN and can be bought in the Platinet official online store without paying for delivery.

Universal charging cable – it is not more convenient

Your new smartphone has a USB type C connector, your girlfriend uses Apple devices, and children load their phones through the MicroUSB connector? We recommend universal Platinet PUCMP3 cable with need magnetic terminals (USB C, Lightning and MicroUSB), which should be placed in the smartphones charging slots. Later connecting the cable is done using magnetic terminals – thanks to this solution, the cable can not be connected with any side and using only one hand.

Platinet PUCMP3 cable costs 69.99 PLN and can be bought in the Platinet official online store without paying for delivery.


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