Play and work more comfortably – VARR presents gaming chairs for demanding users

VARR is a brand created by Platinet – a Polish manufacturer of consumer electronics. These are products dedicated to the most demanding users, including players and people working in front of the computer. One of the first products are gaming chairs, whose design is inspired by motor sports.

INDIANAPOLIS, RIVERSIDE, SILVERSTONE and MONZA – these are the first models included in the new product line. The design of the seats was inspired by sports car seats, which translated into better weight distribution and a more comfortable position in front of the computer. The swivel seats are equipped with a butterfly lifting mechanism with a gas lift, and the armrests allow adjustment in several planes (in SILVERSTONE and MONZA models) – thanks to this the user is able to adjust the chair more precisely to his preferences.
The five-arm base ensures stability and proper balance. Wheels made of nylon allow even smoother sliding, and increased durability. Their coating is friendly to most types of surfaces.

VARR armchairs have been covered with high-quality PVC material. On its surface there are micropores that improve ventilation during long hours of marathons in front of the computer.
The MONZA and SILVERSTONE models have been additionally equipped with a lumbar pillow and a headrest, which will help to ensure proper positioning and greater comfort of the spine.

Suggested retail prices for individual models:
• INDIANAPOLIS – PLN 459 gross
• RIVERSIDE – PLN 549 gross
• SILVERSTONE – PLN 899 gross
• MONZA – PLN 1099 gross

Like all other Platinet products, VARR gaming chairs are covered by a 24-month warranty in Poland. The product is available in the official online store of the manufacturer.

About Platinet

Platinet is an international and dynamically developing company from the consumer electronics, data carriers, wireless technologies, mobile devices and computer accessories. The company was founded in 2001, and currently its offices are located in the most strategic places in the world: Shenzhen in China, New York in the United States and in the European headquarters in Krakow.
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