• Platinet PMGQ10B video review on WavePC YouTube channel

    We encourage you to read the video review prepared by the authors of the WavePC YouTube channel - one of the biggest Polish channel about computers and technology.

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  • Multifunction desk lamp review on Vipmultimedia.pl

    "I have never tested a multifunctional desk lamp before, so I did not see any use for it at first, it changed with the time I spent with the Platinet accessory, I'm not saying I will not go without a light after sending it back to the producer, but no doubt I will miss several of its features. "
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  • Platinet sports accessories in Runner’s World

    In the latest edition of Runner's World magazine (July-August 2018), a list of "Smart Ways for a Smartphone" was published, in which the editorial team recommended the best gadgets for comfortable running with a smartphone. Among them were two products from Platinet - a running belt with two water bottles and an armband with LED lighting.

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  • Best power banks in June – Fakt.pl

    "Powerbank from Platinet is a very powerful battery with a capacity of 15000 mAh. It is a very good device for charging electronic devices such as smartphone, mobile phones, mp3 / mp4, GPS and other devices powered by 5 V. Small dimensions and a small weight allow easy transport. "

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  • Business lamp with charger in Fakt.pl

    "The whole is light, weighs 1.25 kg, it is very well balanced, 85% of the mass falls on the base - the arms are very light, the display is large and clear - shows in big numbers the hour, the smaller the date, and in the window at the bottom you can see The lamp is assumed to be a business, but it is also really nice to the corridor, as a source of lower, "beacon" light or bedroom. "

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  • Platinet PMGQ10B video review on TechTest channel

  • Platinet PMPB10FGD review on Monikapisze.pl lifestyle blog

    "If you like functional and stylish gadgets, this set is certainly for you. Powerbank is small and allows you to charge the phone up to 4 times. In addition, the material finish and LED capacity indicator make the device very nice. magnetic, which has interchangeable tips, will work in every situation. "

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  • Platinet PMGQ10B – Video review on Rooshken YouTube channel

    Platinet PMGQ10B speaker has been tested by Marcin Staśkiewicz from the Rooshken technology YouTube channel. In the video,  author presented in detail all the functions of the device, and his biggest advantages: wireless charger, good sound quality, and quality of the housing.

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  • Platinet PMGQ10B test on Whatnext.pl

    "The sound quality is really OK, listening is not associated with any discomfort, i.e. nothing hummers, no buzzing and no creaks, and the sound is pleasant to the ear, so I can safely recommend buying this speaker."

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    "Would I recommend buying the PMPB10AS model from Platinet? Of course, especially at this price the equipment does not seem to have competition."

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    "The Platinet portable bank of energy is not cheap, we will pay PLN 199 for the device, although I have also found more expensive offers, if the equipment would only serve as a power bank, I would consider the said amount to be a slight exaggeration, but I am aware of the prices of jumpers and I know that having one in a "package" with a small device is appealing to me, do I recommend it? Yes, PLN 199 is a funny expense that can one day protect us from embarrassing the car. "

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    "Platinet PMGQ10B is a multimedia Bluetooth speaker, whose most important advantage is the multitude of supported functions, among which the Qi wireless charger deserves credit, and the ability to simultaneously charge three devices.Two loudspeakers produce good quality sounds, which generally makes it impossible to forget about audible times The praise should also be given to the appearance of the device. "

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    "I am not afraid to say this, but it is a mouse with the best price / quality ratio on the market." For almost half the amount you have to spend on branded rodents, we get practically the same - a huge, minimalistic, comfortable and, above all, precise mouse. 275 is covered with a matte non-slip material, has a solid metal base, a mobile non-slipping roll and a pulsating red logo of the manufacturer. "

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