• New remote control apps for the Platinet Gear toys

  • Platinet PM1080 – wireless earphones with powerbank

    Platinet PMGC10A Platinet PM1080 – wireless earphones with powerbank Platinet introduces new PM1080 Bluetooth earphones with a power bank in the form of an aesthetic case, which reduces the chances of losing the earbuds. Comfort of use increases ...

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  • Platinet launches new wireless speakers

    Platinet introduces new bluetooth speakers sold under the Omega brand. New products have, among others possibility of combining two speakers into pair (True Wireless Stereo), karaoke function, FM receiver and the ability to play music from external storage media.

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  • VARR OVH4060G – headphones for players with accessories

    Platinet introduces the new headset from the VARR gaming series. Model OVH4060G in addition to high-quality housing and dynamic sound, also offers a vibration system and backlight housing elements.

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  • Powerful and stylish – new power banks from Platinet

    The new power banks are characterized by the use of a fabric finished housing, as well as lithium-polymer cells, thanks to which they are lighter and smaller than competing models with lithium-ion cells.

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  • Platinet invites to CeBIT 2018

    We cordially invite you to visit our stand at this year's CeBIT, which will take place from June 11 to June 15, 2018 in Hanover. This year, at the largest  stand, we will be presenting new products in the category of storage media, gaming equipment, audio, power and accessories.

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  • A set of two power banks with a wireless docking station from Platinet

    The battery on your smartphone is discharging, so you take the powerbank with you. Unfortunately, this device also needs charging. This is a big problem - the necessity of earlier thinking about charging the battery. The product that has just been offered by Platinet can solve this inconvenience.

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  • Top 5 gadgets for the spring weekend from Platinet

    Grill with friends, a trip to the mountains, or relax on the beach? Regardless of what you are planning, we have 5 practical devices for you that will make the weekend trip even more successful.

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  • On a bike like in a car – Platinet presents a backpack with LED direction indicators

    Sunny weather and high temperatures make it more and more often we choose a bike instead of a car. Unfortunately, many cyclists are constantly forgetting about the safety of themselves and other road users. In response to this problem, the Polish company Platinet presented a backpack with LED lighting, which also works as a turn signal.

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  • Play and work more comfortably – VARR presents gaming chairs for demanding users

    VARR is a brand created by Platinet - a Polish manufacturer of consumer electronics. These are products dedicated to the most demanding users, including players and people working in front of the computer. One of the first products are gaming chairs, whose design is inspired by motor sports.

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  • Platinet PMGQ10B – Bluetooth speaker with clock radio and wireless charger

    Platinet introduces Bluetooth speaker with a clock radio, a thermometer, a hands-free kit and a wireless charger working in Quick Charge technology. Elegant appearance and functionality will make the device an irreplaceable element of home furnishings.

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  • Platinet presents Bluetooth speakers with clock radio

    Platinet presents three new wireless speakers which were closed in the classic case of the clock radio, while retaining its basic functions - FM radio, clock and alarm clock. The advantage of new products is the ability to play audio from external data carriers such as pendrive and memory card.<!--More-->

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  • Tablety Omega z Windows 8

    Omega Helios i Sirius to dwa najnowsze tablety z systemem Windows, które właśnie pojawiły się na rynku. Modele dostępne są w wersji 10,1” z klawiaturą – Sirius, ale także mniejszej 8-calowej odsłonie bez klawiatury – Helios. Oprócz Windows 8.1 na pokładzie, użytkownicy otrzymują dodatkowo pakiet Office365 oraz 1TB pamięci dyskowej w chmurze OneDrive. Wszystko w bardzo konkurencyjnych cenach.

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  • Platinet 4w1

    Nowy zestaw 4w1 od Platinet to multifunkcyjny niezbędnik do magazynowania i transferu danych pomiędzy urządzeniami mobilnymi, laptopami, komputerami stacjonarnymi oraz aparatami fotograficznymi.

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