About us

Platinet is an international and fast growing company in the fields of consumer electronics, storage media, wireless technologies, mobile devices and computer accessories. We are known as a reliable producer and distributor of high-quality electronics with a leading position among the biggest Polish exporters. For over a decade we hve established the most efficient business standards that allow us to operate worldwide and manage over 3 000 products in our portfolio from our quarters in Europe, the USA and China. Our stron position, built over many years, ensures stability for us and our clients. You can count on our full logistic and business support and marketing backup with the best after-sales service. Today we create trends, build the European market of mobile devices and technologies. It’s Platinet’s everyday work to look for interesting ideas and trends for the future. At the same time we have proven that innovative products can be reasonably priced. That is why we promote high-quality equipment and technologies that can be used at work, at home and in the office – innovations that make life easier. Every day we confirm Platinet’s business vision: Inspired by the future.


Platinet is worldwide! Our offices are located in the most strategic countries around the world: Shenzhen (China), Hong Kong, New York and Bucharest, with our European headquarters in Krakow. Our European logistic center in Poland – in the geographical center of Europe – guarantees the fastest delivery service. Our modern and fully automated infrastructures, with over 7,000 pallets of the latest products (200 HQ) ready for shipment each day. Our modern and fully automated infrastructure works for our business partners every day. Thanks to dedicated B2B software, available on our clients are able to make an order at any hour, from every country in the world, making the order process less time-consuming.


We offer an extremely wide range of products, mor than 3,000. The include: high-quality tablets, smartphones and compatible accessories are just the beginning of our Android product line. Devices and equipment using Bluetooth are also in our diverse offer, because we support and implement modern mobile and wireless technologies. We believe that this is the future step for consumer electronics. If you need speakers or headphones, power banks, flash drives, Blu-ray or CD, DVD discs or other storage media, keyboards in different European layouts, mice or any other computer, mobile, network and car accessories, Platinet is the best place to look. We also offer a wide range of LED and other energy-saving bulbs, incandescent shock-proof bulbs, and batteriies, chargers and a wide range of cable and power strips. Visit and find out for yourself. You will see that we are inspired by the future. Our products are manufactured with very high quality and thoroughly tested by our staff in China and Poland. We have won many quality awards in the European press.