We have already started the „Digital Class” program in Lesser Poland. On Women’s Day, the 8th of March 2013, during the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Primary School No. 85 in Krakow we donated 36 tablets and necessary accessories for teaching with mobile devices.

We reported the preparations for the project “Digital Class” in December 2012, during a press conference „The new dimension of entertainment and education” organized by Platinet S.A. Since that time, we conducted training for teachers and ran workshops for adapting to the devices with the schoolchildren. Finally, the time has come to turn over the program to the students and carry out the first lessons. After talking with the school management, one class was selected and currently the lessons take place with the new technology.  Since 11 March, 2013, the students of Krakow No. 85 Primary School IV have used tablets for lessons in Polish language, history, computers and technical coursework. English language is used for classes on nature, mathematics, fine arts and music. Initially, the students did simple exercises; today lessons with tablets are conducted for the full length of the class – 45 minutes.

Android in the Cloud

„Digital Class” runs on Android – an operating system widely-used for tablets, smartphones and computers. Android was chosen mainly for its intuitiveness and easy operation, especially appropriate for the younger students in this program. Another advantage was the choice of available applications, not just educational. Many of them are free so that students can use them at home on their own devices. Both students and teachers use cloud storage for their work. All participants have an account on Google Drive, giving them the opportunity to exchange files and share them with devices based on other operating systems. With this solution, students can do their homework at home on their laptops and upload their work immediately to their teacher’s account. The file is then available on the recipient’s tablet or computer. The combination of these two elements has opened new opportunities to work in the classroom, ensures easy operation, and immediate exchange of information. Of course, all the rooms where the lessons take place are equipped with wireless Internet access.

With the implementation of this program we provided new light for children’s education in Polish schools. E-book, multi-book, educational applications, web resources, interactive forms of classes that provide an interesting and engaging combination of video, audio and text are opening up completely new ways of thinking about education. Teachers, and our staff at Platinet, believe that our mutual commitment to sharing knowledge and experience will result in starting other „Digital classes” in Poland.

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