Wallbox - home charging station 11kW Type2

The PWBS11KW electric vehicle charging station is an advanced solution designed for efficient EV charging. It offers a charging power of 11 kW, allowing for quick electric vehicle charging.

Its compact and aesthetic design makes it easy to mount on a wall in a garage or other convenient location.

Smart features such as charging schedules allow for optimized charging, using cheaper electricity at specific hours or adjusting to personal preferences.

The device is equipped with electrical protections that guard against surges, overloads, and other potential hazards, ensuring a safe charging process.

Thanks to a dedicated mobile app, users can track charging progress, control the process, and check energy usage history, all from the convenience of their smartphone.

– ergonomic housing and user-friendly body design
– optional version with T2S socket
– automatic switching between single-phase and three-phase power

– protections 30 mA Type A + 6 mA DC
– protection against charging connector locking in the vehicle (anti-welding protection)
– optional PEN failure protection

Intelligent Control
– Wi-Fi/4G/Ethernet communication support
– charging planning from the app
– load balancing system control
– compatibility with photovoltaics
– RFID authentication / Plug & Play / App

Technical Specification:
Power supply: 3P+N+PE
Rated voltage: 400V AC
Rated current: 16A
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output voltage: 400V AC
Maximum output current: 16A
Rated power: 11kW
Charging connector: Type 2 cable
Cable length: 4m
LED Indicator: Green/Yellow/Red
RFID Reader: Mifare ISO/IEC 14443 A
Startup mode: Plug&Play/RFID card/App
Wi-Fi: Yes
OCPP: OCPP 1.6 Json (OCPP 2.0 optional)
Protection degree: IP65
Impact protection: IK10