Platinet Reactivates Sales of CD, DVD, BDR Data Carriers JVC Advance Media Brand

Platinet, a well-known distributor of technological solutions, is thrilled to announce the reintroduction of CD, DVD, and BDR data carriers into its offer. The products, offered under the prestigious JVC Advanced Media brand, are now available on the Polish market, enriching Platinet’s portfolio with the highest quality solutions.

Offered Products
The new offer includes data carriers in CD, DVD, and BDR formats, available in practical packages of 25 or 50 pieces, catering to the needs of both individual users and enterprises. Platinet is also introducing specialized solutions dedicated to long-term data archiving, which ensure the security and durability of stored information for many years.

The full range of JVC Advanced Media brand CD, DVD, and BDR data carriers is now available via the website. Platinet invites you to explore the offer, emphasizing its commitment to delivering the highest quality products that meet current and future market needs.

For Platinet, the reintroduction of these data carriers represents not only a return to roots but also a step forward in providing modern archival and multimedia solutions for a wide range of customers. We invite you to contact our customer service department and visit our website to learn more about the product and take advantage of our offer.