CD-R discs will allow you to store up to 700 MB of data. This amount of space is ideal for backing up documents, selected photos, video clips or music files. Choose high-quality media that ensure full durability and failure-free operation. Select the entire package and store all your valuable data.

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DVD + R discs are comfortable and convenient when you need to store larger amounts of data – for example a movie in a good quality. Thanks to archiving to DVD, there is no need to take up space on your hard drive. Choose DVDs from the best producers to always enjoy convenient access to files.

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Portable memory, i.e., flash drives, are useful in many situations. Do you need to print a document or photos? Want to transfer files to another device? Thanks to the flash drives, you can carry them wherever you want without having to send them over the internet – and risk someone taking them over.

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Are you out of storage space on your phone or camera? The perfect solution will be a memory card. Thanks to it, you don’t have to worry about not saving a photo or a music tune. With digital space in store, you are ready for any situation.

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Data carriers ensure full security of the files stored on them – you use them whenever you want and no one else has access to them. Thanks to the copies, your data will be safe in any given situation.

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