Decorative lamps provide light in an appealing form. Garland lights, decorative bulbs, or maybe you prefer more designer shapes? In our offer you will find many proposals for your interior!

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Desk lamps

Provide adequate lighting for you work, study or entertainment. You will find adjustable desk lamps with LED modules and touch panels in our offer. Check what else we have to offer you!

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At Platinet you will find ceiling lamps in a modern, industrial and classic style. Each of them is characterized by a unique form and decorative value. Light does not have to be boring – our lamps are the best example of this.

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LED light bulbs

LED bulbs are the perfect counterpart of traditional models. They are energy efficient with longer working time. Find a product that suits your needs.

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The flashlights we offer are more than just a portable light source! Modern models that allow you to get the perfect quality of lighting. Practical and trendy – check them out!

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