• PLATINET PRO powerbank review on Testhub.pl

    A review of our best power bank PLATINET PRO has been published on Testhub.pl. The product has been recommended by the tester - "from everyday use of energy banks from Xiaomi, I switched to this one, on my own free will, I think it is the best recommendation." Among the advantages of the product are high quality, wireless charging, fast QC charging, as well as the ability to power any devices (including laptops and monitors) via USB-C.
    Click here to read the review.

  • PLATINET PM1080 true wireless earphones in LOGO Magazine

    We are pleased to announce that our true wireless PM1080 earphones were presented in the prestigious list prepared by the LOGO magazine among such offers as JBL, Bose, Jabra or Samsung brand equipment. The full text of the article can be read by buying the latest issue of the LOGO Magazine (March 2019), while publication preview is available below.

    Click here to preview the publication

  • VARR flagship gaming chair review

    A review of our flagship chair for players - VARR MONZA has published on the Rooshken YouTube channel. The product was appreciated for very good design, quality, advanced personalization and attractive price.

    Click here watch the video

  • VARR OM-275 – TechTest review

    A review of the VARR OM-275 laser mouse has been published on the TechTest YouTube channel. The biggest advantages of the product: price, design, RGB backlight and the presence of software used to control the settings were listed.
    Click here to watch video

  • Platinet Bamboo review on the Rooshken YouTube channel

    "Bluetooth speaker that take away the speaker of the year award" - we invite you to watch the latest review of the multifunctional BAMBOO speaker.

    Click here to view the video

  • Heat and cool drinks in the car – test the electric cup holder on the TechTest Youtube channel

    We encourage you to look at the video reviews of the PECH36 electric cup holder, so that you can comfortably cool or heat the contents of a thermos or cup.

    Click here to view the video.

  • Multifunctional LED desk lamp Platinet PDLU13 in MM Trendy magazine

    In the latest edition of the MM Trendy magazine, a product presentation of the Platinet PDLU13 desk lamp has appeared. The biggest advantages of the product include high-quality housing, adjustable light, additional functions such as a clock, thermometer and USB charger, as well as a nice, distinctive design.

    Click here to read the publication.

  • VARR OVH4060G – headset for the players review on the TechTest channel

    A review of the VARR OVH4060G headset has appeared on the techtest channel. Advantages such as good sound quality, sensitive microphone, backlight and vibration system, decided that this is the ideal equipment for demanding users.

    Click here to view the video review

  • PLATINET BAMBOO review on TechTest YouTube channel

    A video review of the BAMBOO speaker has appeared on the TechTest channel on YouTube. In this over 7 minute presentation you can see the contents of the box, the appearance of the speaker, real feelings of use and sound samples.

    Click here to watch this video

  • Platinet PM1080B wireless earbuds review on Telepolis.pl

    "In all of this, the price suggested by the manufacturer looks the best, which is only PLN 149.90. It is not equipment for audiophiles and people who want to stand out with interesting-looking headphones, but a piece of very decent equipment that costs little money."

    Click here to read the publication

  • PLATINET PMGQ10B tested in Gazeta Wrocławska Laboratory

    "For 249 PLN, we get an alarm clock, a thermometer, a good radio that can also be used as a wireless stereo speaker for a smartphone, a double USB charger, and an induction charger."

    Click here to watch the review

  • ROOSHKEN checked the PLATINET DUO speaker

  • CHINAUNBOXING tests the DUO speaker!

    We invite you to watch the next video review of our DUO speaker. Until October 5, you can use the coupon entitling you to a 25% discount on our Bluetooth speakers. Details in the movie.

    Click here to see the review.

  • FREESTYLE FH0917 headphones tested by the Gazeta Wrocławska Laboratory

    "I did not expect that wireless headphones valued at PLN 70 can play so well." - we encourage you to view the latest test of headphones FREESTYLE FH0917 prepared by the editorial staff of the Gazeta Wrocławska laboratory.

    Click here to watch the review

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