PPC32AT22 - 22KW

European standard plug (CEE red) 3 Phases
CEE to Shuko adapter 1 Phase
Length of cable: 5 Meter (16.5feet)
Rated Input Voltage: 85-380 V AC
Rated Output Voltage: 85-380 V AC
Rated Current: default 16A, adjustable 8/10/13/16/20/24/32A
Rated power: Up to 22KW quick charging
Residual current protection: TypeA+DC 6mA (30mA AC RCD + 6mA DC RCD)
Insulation Resistance of cable: >1000MG (DC500V)
Contact Resistance: 0.5mG MAX
Housing Fire Rating: UL94V-0
Wiring Harness Size: 5*6mm²+1*0.5mm²
With LED display to show temperature, charging time, and real current
With Leakage protection, Over-voltage or low-voltage protection, Over load protection (Self-checking recovery), Lightning protection, Over-heat protection

Plug & Play – easier than ever before

Thanks to the Plug & Play feature, charging is quick and easy – simply connect the charging plug to the car, and charging will start automatically. After charging is complete, just disconnect the plug from the car. The charger is designed to ensure safety and reliability during use. Furthermore, it is compatible with most electric cars on the market thanks to its universal design. The 5-meter cable allows for flexible positioning of the vehicle relative to the power source.

Type 2 to Schuko Adapter

This is a great solution that helps you charge your electric car, motorcycle, or other electric vehicle more effectively even at home, without the need for additional installation or the assistance of an installer. The cable has a Schuko plug on one end and a TYPE-2 plug on the other, making it incredibly easy to connect the adapter to your charger and the power socket, both at home and in public places or while on the go. The total cable length is 30 cm.